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 Manny and Mona Saenz have faithfully served as Pastor’s of Sanctuary of Praise for the last two decades. They left a comfortable lifestyle and a lucrative glass business to answer the call of full time ministry. They have a sincere and genuine love for GOD and his people, opening their hearts and home to the community they serve.


 Their testimony is one of humble beginnings, married at the young age of fifteen and with no formal education or schooling; they managed to open a glass business called “Glass Service, Inc.”. It was in 1978 that they came to know Christ Jesus as their Lord and personal Savior, overcoming a gambling habit and prescription drug addiction.


 With a simple philosophy, generous spirit and an earnest desire to follow Jesus, they have dedicated themselves to share the good news to all who are in their reach. They have fostered a prayerful and family like culture with a congregation of over a hundred souls.



Is a place where His people embrace the presence of God


Where only Jesus Christ is enthroned.


Where through Jesus Christ you receive salvation, deliverence and healing to all who beleive.


We beleive the bible is the true written word of God and is the foundation for a great life and abundant living.


We beleive in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as One.


We beleive in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.


We beleive that through His body (the Church) and by Him through the Holy Spirit can bring change in our lives.


Be blessed in His presence which is what He wants for all His children.

Sanctuary of Praise, church glendale arizona

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